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New Ferret Cage!

Well last weekend I finally finished cleaning up the Ferret Nation and got it moved into the house. I bought this cage from a friend for $100, originally over a $250 cage! :)

I promised I’d post pictures so here you go :)

Monster had to check out the cage before the ferrets moved in of course lol.

Bella and Hershey’s seem to love their new cage :)

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National Pet Month!

Hi everyone! I haven’t posted in a few days as have been getting over a sinus infection:/ Feeling much better now and I have lots of blog post ideas for May!

Hope you all had a wonderful May Day and first week of May!

May is actually National Pet Month and May 4th-10th is National Pet Week! I know that National Pet Week is almost over but National Pet Month is just starting!

(Photo from

Instead of “Paying it Forward”, National Pet Month is all about “Pawing it Forward”.

There are many things you can do to “Paw it Forward” for homeless pets this month. You can adopt, donate, educate, foster, or volunteer to name a few. I try to educate, and foster on a regular basis and volunteer when my schedule allows. I also try to adopt if I add any pets to my pet family. I actually donated a box full of random pet supplies this past weekend as part of my super cleaning that I did for cleanup week. Anything helps :)

May is also Pet Cancer Awareness Month! Click HERE for more information on Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

National Pet week is a week to thank our pets for always being there for us and to focus on making their lives the best that they can be. It’s a week to make sure you have all your pet’s wellness needs in order and to make sure you have a good vet in mind for your pet.

In celebration of national pet week I upgraded my Brazilian Short Tailed Opossum’s cage and bought a new cage for my ferrets.

Here are some pictures of Milo, my Brazilian Short Tail Opossum or STO and his new cage :) I bought Milo from an exotics breeder in IL in the beginning of March 2014. He’s one of the best pocket pets I have ever owned! I plan to do a blog post just on Milo very soon!


My ferret’s cage is a work in progress and is not yet ready for them to move into but I will post some pictures when I get it all setup :)

(Photo from Google Image Search)

May 3rd was National Hug Your Cat Day! Here’s Monster, my cat, getting hugged lol


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Just a post to celebrate frogs!

April was National Frog Month

So I know it isn’t April anymore but I just thought I’d do a fun little post on frogs.

(Click here for a link on activities to do with kids for National Frog Month)

I have always thought frogs were cool. When I was little I’d always catch and release all kinds of frogs when we went camping and also at my grandparent’s farm near the red river.

Frogs are an important part of the ecosystem and many people don’t know just how much their habitats are changing and putting them in danger. For more information on what is being done to help the world’s frogs visit

Today I just have one pet frog, Floyd, a grey tree frog who’s probably about 3 years old or so I’d guess. I won him on a facebook contest through the local Reptile Society group for $5.

He’s a very vocal frog who likes to sing at night, it’s actually kind of cool to have a frog singing in your house lol.

This past weekend I went to the April MN reptile expo at the MN State Fairgrounds about 4 1/2 hours from my house and I got Floyd some live moss for his cage. (I plan to go to the June and Sept. expos as well)

Anyways, here are some pictures of Floyd in his tank with his new moss. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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