Just a post to celebrate frogs!

April was National Frog Month

So I know it isn’t April anymore but I just thought I’d do a fun little post on frogs.

(Click here for a link on activities to do with kids for National Frog Month)

I have always thought frogs were cool. When I was little I’d always catch and release all kinds of frogs when we went camping and also at my grandparent’s farm near the red river.

Frogs are an important part of the ecosystem and many people don’t know just how much their habitats are changing and putting them in danger. For more information on what is being done to help the world’s frogs visit http://savethefrogs.com/.

Today I just have one pet frog, Floyd, a grey tree frog who’s probably about 3 years old or so I’d guess. I won him on a facebook contest through the local Reptile Society group for $5.

He’s a very vocal frog who likes to sing at night, it’s actually kind of cool to have a frog singing in your house lol.

This past weekend I went to the April MN reptile expo at the MN State Fairgrounds about 4 1/2 hours from my house and I got Floyd some live moss for his cage. (I plan to go to the June and Sept. expos as well)

Anyways, here are some pictures of Floyd in his tank with his new moss. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


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2 Comments to “Just a post to celebrate frogs!”

#1 Posted by Jan Olson (03.05.14 at 19:23 )

My frog Flo hitchhiked somewhere on our camper from the Florida Panhandle to Duluth! In the beginning of April, a day after my husband and I returned from a great winter trip Karl asked me to join him out on the driveway. He pointed to the bricks, and there sat a small frog that reminded me a lot of a southern green tree frog. It had a wound near one eye. Flo (named for Florida of course) now resides in a large, clear plastic container we had. I lined the box with an orchid growing medium found moss in our back yard, added a few shoots from indoor plants and Flo had a home. The wound has healed but she has a cloudy eye. She seems to be thriving on the crickets and mealy worms I put in the container. She’s never made a chirp, peep or croak so that means Flo has to be female!

#2 Posted by Amanda Hillier (09.05.14 at 15:19 )

Hi Jan,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Your story about Flo is amazing, glad that Flo survived her big adventure and is now living safe and sound with you. I would guess that Flo is indeed a female if she hasn’t made any sounds. Also I would recommend being careful about adding stuff from outside to her tank, even though she was from the wild, just don’t want her getting sick from any sprays that could be on the moss or grass or sticks from outdoors. Crickets and mealworms are great food sources for her! You can also add some frog calcium/vitamin supplements to her diet that can be found at local petstores. Just dust the insects with the supplements 1-2 times a week before you feed them to her. Also glad her wound has healed, I’m guessing the cloudy eye means she had an eye injury and will likely be blind in that eye for life. Thanks for sharing Flo’s story! Feel free to post pictures of Flo and her home on here :) Happy Friday and visit my blog again soon :) -Amanda