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Have a Happy Easter!

Being as I’ll be traveling this weekend and probably won’t have much time for blogging I thought I’d just post some fun pictures on the blog for everyone in the spirit of Easter :)

(photo from University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center facebook page)

(Photo from the Bunny Diary Blog)

(Photo from

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April 12th is World Hamster Day!

(I’m going to be on the road tomorrow so won’t be able to blog and thought I’d write a little post today for April 12th, which is World Hamster Day.)

World Hamster Day 

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According to several websites World Hamster Day dates back to April 12th 1930 when a zoologist and professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem name Israel Aharoni went on an expedition to look for Syrian hamsters in a corn field.

Most domestic Syrian hamsters today are said to be descended from the group that the professor brought back with him from his expedition that day. click here to learn about Hamster History.

I’m sure there were many others who took wild hamsters and domesticated them over the years, but Israel Aharoni is the one most known for domesticating hamsters.

Syrian hamsters are just one type of hamster. A Syrian hamster is a larger variety of hamster that can come in many different colors and usually has short or long (teddy bear) hair .

Hamsters are very easy pets to own, but sadly only live a short time, with their estimated life span being 1-2 years.

I have owned many hamsters in my 25 years and raised dwarf Siberian hamsters for about 2 years when I was in middle school.

I currently own two very nice hamsters. A male teddy bear Syrian hamster named Gus Gus and a female Siberian dwarf hamster named Bianca.

Hamsters make wonderful pets but I wouldn’t say they are for everyone. They can and do bite at times and usually aren’t too fond of being held or pet; although Gus Gus and Bianca are the exception.

I wouldn’t recommend a hamster for a child under the age of 6. Small children tend to squeeze small critters and a hamster will most likely bite the child and/or get injured from the child. I personally would say hamsters are a great pet for older children and adults. They are low maintenance, cute, and don’t live very long so aren’t a very big commitment like a rabbit, dog, or other pet with a longer life span.

If you don’t currently have, or never have had a hamster, I’d suggest owning one at some point in your life as these small adorable creatures really have big personalities.

Well hope that gave you a little insight into the world of hamsters, enjoy your weekend and World Hamster Day!


Just have to end this post with a cute little cartoon I found….

…Yes sadly hamsters do tend to eat their young, or eachother, which is why hamsters are best housed alone.

(photo from google website)


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April 11th is National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day! (Photo from Google Images)

National pet Day was founded in 2005 by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert & Colleen Paige.

What an awesome day! A day to celebrate pets!

But it’s not just a day to celebrate and spoil your pets, it’s also a day for pet awareness, specifically shelter pets. The theme for National Pet Day is “Adopt don’t Shop”.

An interesting fact that I found on an article by Emma Koonse, a Christian Post Reporter, stated that “Data released by the Humane Society of the U.S. reveals that National Pet Day may be working- a survey indicated that pet ownership in the U.S. has more than tripled from the 1970s. According to the HSUS website, 62 percent of American households included at least one pet in 2012.”

Whether you own a pet or not, you can help celebrate by donating to a local shelter in celebration of National Pet Day. Or you can just give your pet an extra treat too. Whatever works for you!

I know I treat all my critters as if every day was National Pet Day lol but that’s just me maybe. They are all very spoiled that’s for sure.

Well enjoy the nice spring weather and go celebrate pets; and remember…Adopt Don’t Shop!


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